Bruce's GSAK Macros

These are macros that I have written and thought that someone else might find them of some use. Feel free to modify them for your own needs. They are ALL licensend under GPL V3.0 so if you republish any of them with your modifications you must follow the terms and conditions of the GPL.

Last Updated Description
CachemateMain 11-Nov-2007 Generate separate Cachemate export files for "found" and "not found" caches so you can keep them separated or even put them in separate Cachemate databases
GPSDirLoad 17-May-2010 The GPS never seems to have enough space to load everything in your hunt area. This macro will allow you to load a limited number of waypoints from your home coordinates or from a center point some distance in any of 16 compass point directions.
GPSAreaLoad 22-Mar-2010 You're off to a special caching expedition with your buddy and it's possibly outside your normal GPS load. This macro lets you specify a GC waypoint code or a zip code to set the center point. You specify how many miles out you want to load for. You can also select to include various options and/or cache types.
NotYetFound 19-Jan-2008 This macro will show you how many caches you haven't found within 1, 2, 3, ... 10 miles of your home location (or whatever you have set for the center in GSAK). I got tired of doing this manually and decided that something more automated was in order.
OldCleanup 7-May-2011
Clean up caches in GSAK that you haven't found that have gone archived. This macro checks caches that have not  been updated by a GPX file recently. You will also need WGET (see below). Now requires GSAK 7.6 or higher.
SlotCalc Update
I use a series of pocket queries to keep GSAK up to date. I look at an area within 40 miles of my home location and of course a single query can't do it - it's much larger than 1000 caches. By setting up multiple queries with  ranges of placed dates you can divide up the work. This macro will calculate the optimal date ranges for each query. GSAK 7.7 REQUIRED.

Other Parts You May Need

WGET Get web page source via the command line. Can be installed in the GSAK macros directory or any other directory in your search path. All you will need from the zip file is the WGET.EXE file.

Change Log

Updated slotcalc with an "exact" option. This calculates down to the actual day for the best fit.
CRITICAL Update - OldCleanup needed changes to the GCSTAT program for changes to the pages (again)
Updated for GSAK 7.7 (but didn't upload fixes until now - sorry)
CRITICAL Update - OldCleanup needed changes to the GCSTAT program for changes to the pages
Updated GPSDirLoad for better GSAK 7.7 compatability. Slotcalc updated to take advantage of 7.7 and now REQUIRES GSAK 7.7.
Updated SlotCalc (speed), OldCleanup (didn't work), and GPSAreaLoad (speed) for GSAK 7.7. Still compatable with GSAK 7.6.
5-Mar-2010 Updated SlotCalc to support Windows Vista and Windows 7. This version now also requires GSAK 7.6 or above.
Updated OldCleanup and the GCSTAT program to support Windows Vista and Windows 7. This version now also requires GSAK 7.6 or above.
Updated GCSTAT program so it will work after the recent changes on site
16-Oct-2009 Added the ability to "Just show me the last one" and provide the ability to select a slot size other than 500.
25-Oct-2008 Slotcalc.exe has been changed to handle different date types properly when using the half month option. Only slotcalc.bas and slotcalc.exe have changed.
17-Oct-2008 A very minor change to SlotCalc. SlotCalc.bas has been recompiled with the Windows version of FreeBasic. This shifts the libraries used form internal ones to libraries that are always included with Windows. This greatly reduces the size of the compiled EXE file. This will make no difference to the operation of SlotCalc so you don't really need to install this update.
11-Oct-2008 This is a major upgrade for SlotCalc. The user interface is completely redone and the need to edit the macro to change defaults is eliminated. If you have installed a previous version you should copy the slotcalc.dat from the GSAK install directory to the Macros directory.Run the macro and click on the Help button for more information.
19-Sep-2008 Updated GPSAreaLoad to include additional criteria for owned caches. A new user customizable variable has been added to search for a phrase in the "Placed By" field to identify caches placed by co-owners. For example, if you put "NeoGeoHams" in this field then any cached placed by the NeoGeoHams will be identified as an owned cache.
06-Jul-2008 Updated GPSDirLoad (new, more descriptive name) to add 8 more compass points.
26-Jun-2008 Updated SlotCalc to provide an additional option to calculate using double the number of slots. It does this by dividing the month into two halves. This can make a difference on the number of slots you need but will probably suggest  that you change your slots more often. It's optional and the default is to use the current full month scheme.
20-May-2008 Updated SlotCalc to automatically advance the ending year. The ending year is now always the current year plus one. Only the SlotCalc executable has changed, the macro itself is unaffected.
14-Apr-2008 Updated SlotCalc adding a comparison to the last time you ran SlotCalc and showing when changes happen. If there are changes then you have the option of leaving things the way they are or telling SlotCalc that you have implemented the changes.
19-Jan-2008 Updated GPSLoad, GPSAreaLoad, NotYetFound, and OldCleanup to correct the display of some text due to changes introduced in GSAK version 7.2. This version of GSAK changed the default font for forms to a font style that is larger than the previous default causing some text to be truncated or overlap.
14-Jan-2008 Updated NotYetFound to add some easy to use flexibility and the ability to exit the display and show waypoints selected within a specified mileage
13-Jan-2008 Added NotYetFound
13-Jan-2008 Updated OldCleanup install instructions to correct where WGET.EXE should be placed
21-Dec-2007 Updated GPSLoad and GPSAreaLoad to support two GPS units.
14-Dec-2007 Updated SlotCalc to suport including found caches or not.
11-Nov-2007 Initial public release of OldCleanup, SlotCalc, GPSLoad, CachemateMain, and GPSAreaLoad